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ANR Climaflu project

Project Manager : F. Costard

This project is dedicated to the consequences of climate warming on erosion rates on periglacial environments and their impact on human activity. It has been recently reported that climatic change deeply influences arctic rivers. The Yakutia region is a particularly interesting area for its spectacular floods, for its lowest temperature records as well as for its maximum thickness of permafrost. The hydrology of the Lena and its tributaries is characterized by an extremely episodic flow regime. In Spring, during the break up period, the joined increase of the water discharge and stream temperature contribute to an active thermal erosion along the frozen river banks.

The objective of this study is to understand the dynamics of the Lena river dominated by outburst flood within a continuous and deep permafrost zone. We propose to analyze the impact of the recent global warming on the erosional process of the largest arctic fluvial system – the Lena river (Yakutia) – with a multi spatial and temporal approach by means of hydro-climatic data, a spatial analysis of fluvial forms mobility and fine scale analysis of river banks and fluvial bars during several field trips.