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Geochronology, Dynamics of volcanic systems

Team leader : X. Quidelleur

Researchers, Professors and Researchers :J.-M. Bardintzeff (Pr), P.Y. Gillot (Pr emeritus), A. Hildenbrand (Res.), P. Lahitte (A.Pr), H. Massol (A.Pr, 50%), X. Quidelleur (Pr)

PhD : Dibacto‐Kamwa S., Robbe‐Saule M. (FAST 70%), Santamaria S.

ITA-IATOS : none

The researchers in our team are mainly focused on the reconstruction of the eruptive history of volcanic systems, in all types of geodynamic settings.

Particular attention is paid to the study of natural hazards linked with the morpho-structural and geochemical evolution of the eruptive complexes.

Part of our work is also devoted to the calibration of the Paleomagnetic and Geologic timescales, with a particular emphasis on dating the major crises of Earth’s history.

The originality of the group is based upon the development of Argon geochronology, including unspiked conventional K/Ar and 40Ar/39Ar techniques.

The analytical systems are designed and developed by the researchers of the group and are adapted to suit the needs of the various studies.

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